Are You Ready To Gain 100 Instagram Followers?

So I woke up one day and made the decision to spend an entire week focusing on growing my Instagram account. I make weird, spontaneous decisions a lot. BUT HEY! I’m hoping that all of my research will help you gain 100 Instagram followers within 7 days like it did for me!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that every account is different, so there’s different marketing strategies for everyone. The tips that I’m providing in this post are just the basics to give your account a wicked great head start to growing rapidly!

Convert to a business account.

Why? For the analytics, of course! Your stats are essential for knowing how to grow your following. I grabbed some links to sites that will show you how to convert your account. 😉

β–Ί How do I convert my personal Instagram profile to a Business Profile?

β–Ί Instagram Business Profiles: How to Set Up and Analyze Your Activities

Optimize your profile and bio.

1. Your Name

Use keywords in the name part of your profile that relates to who your target audience is or who you want to attract. For my profile (in the example below), I typed “Gaming + Motivation” because my content focuses on gaming and positive vibes and motivation.

Gain 100 Instagram Followers by @KerriQueen

Whenever a user searches for “gaming” or “motivation”, my account will pop up in the search results. I change the keywords every once in a while to attract new audiences, but I still keep it within my niche.

2. Your Bio

Make sure to use keywords within your bio, too. I’m not entirely sure how much of an impact it has, but during my research, when I searched “Twitch” on Instagram, the search results were most Twitch streamers who only had the keyword in their bio and nowhere else.

While yes, you’re filling your profile with keywords, still allow your personality to shine through! Let all your quirks out!

3. Your Website URL

Use a site like Linktree to have multiple outgoing links with just one URL. The best part is that Linktree is free and tracks clicks for each link. There’s a pro version that comes with neat features like changing your profile colors and setting a time when specific links should appear.

4. Your Profile Pic

This shit needs to stand out from the rest of every other human on Instagram. Upload a photo of YOU so your account feels more personal. Users love being on the “inside” of someone else’s life, so just do the whole profile picture with your face, k.

Also, bright as fuck colors will stand out. 🙃

Have a cohesive feed.

I know, I know. You probably hear this ALL THE TIME. But it never hurts to hear it again from a different perspective. 😉 If your Instagram feed is visually appealing, humans will be more likely to tap the follow button on your page. I recommend choosing themes in groups of 9-12 photos since that’s how many users will scroll through before making the decision to follow or not.

It’s literally 3 seconds that you have to impress them enough to entice them to follow. Visuals are important. Create a cohesive feed!

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Interact with users that are in your niche.

This is so important to growth on Instagram! Follow, like, and comment on posts from other users that are in the same niche as you. The more you do it, the more views your profile will receive.

How do you find users within your niche?

Search the hashtags you’re using! Then just scroll through the posts that pop up and like/comment. You’re more likely to get a profile view if you leave genuine comments on posts. Not just from the account owner, but from other commenters, too!

Speaking of niche… do a major purge!

I want you to unfollow every single account that doesn’t align with your brand or niche. Then follow accounts that DO align with your brand and niche.

What does this do exactly?

You know when you follow a user and it pops up with similar users? Yeah, you want to pop up in those similar users in the correct niche. The way that Instagram’s algorithm works is it suggests accounts based on which accounts you’re following and interacting with.

Post consistently and intelligently.

Pretty much, you want to post at least once per day at the most optimal time while using the best hashtags. I’ll probably write a post on all that, too, since that’s a whole other ball game.

I plan out my posts in batches ahead of time using the Preview App for iOS and it helps reduce the stress and overwhelm of “omg I don’t know what to post!” and not to mention it comes with filters, hashtag search, and analytics built into the app. It really is the ultimate Instagram planning app.

Take action!

If you do everything in this post, which are the basics of a solid Instagram account, you’ll be well on your way to gaining 100+ followers within the next week!