1. Must be 18+ (no exceptions!)
  2. Must submit $10 Application Fee
  3. Must join the Discord server (

General Rules

  1. Respect, Honesty, and Loyalty are #1 requirements of you.
  2. You will address Me as Queen, Goddess, or Mistress.
  3. You must be willing to complete tasks obediently and in a timely manner.
  4. Always capitalize when you refer to Me.
  5. Do NOT bother Me on weekends, unless you approach with at least $100.

Privileges Of Becoming My Sub:

  • Assigned a sub number that will allow me to notice you more out of the hundreds begging for My attention.
  • Access to the sub handbook with more in-depth rules and information.
  • Special Discord roles that allow access to private chats and channels.
  • Weekly tasks, games, and other activities to help promote growth and keep subs in line.
  • The privilege of joining My growing numbered army of subs.