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Kerri Queen

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I create things on the internet and nap a lot. — daydreamer💭, gamer🕹️, streamer📹, photographer📸, witch🔮, tarot reader🎴, mental health advocate✊, typology enthusiast🧠, and your #1 motivator🤍.

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In hindsight, I caused 99.8% of my own suffering due to my failure to prioritize myself and take the necessary action to secure my wellbeing. No one held me at gunpoint, I consciously chose to prioritize everything but me. Self-awareness and accountability are beautiful things.

I interpreted thus wrong at first thinking, "who dates themselves?? lol"

But anyway.

Coding my websites from scratch in notepad.

Applying for "subdomain" hosting from others who owned domains.

Blogging when it was actually online diaries lolol

drink some water